Currently available for new projects

Forging structure from chaos,
I help your app or product
reach a higher level.
From designing interfaces
down to rock solid HTML & CSS.

I’m Lennart Schoors, based in Ghent, Belgium.
You can reach me via e-mail and I’m @lensco on Twitter.

Take a look at some of my recent projects

Over the course of two years I worked with the city of Ghent on the architecture and design of their intranet. The award-winning website works across devices and is used daily by thousands of employees.

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A dedicated tool for managing and running interactive live shows. The whole app was conceptualized and designed around the different roles in broadcast production: producer, moderator, director and host.

Sometimes you can say everything you need to with a straightforward, responsive one-pager. With smart, concise copy and a set of clear illustrations, the Trackuity homepage matches content with looks.

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Catering to the very specific market of hair and beauty salons, Optios combines a Point-Of-Sale system, elaborate appointment scheduling, CRM, and more. Coming up with a responsive, web-based interface proved to be a challenging, yet rewarding task.

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I basically started from scratch for this thriving startup. The first step was a style guide, a solid base for further development of the responsive dashboard interface. Meanwhile we also tackled the website and all kinds of marketing materials.

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The RookieDongle is a clever device that plugs into your car, and protects young drivers by notifying their parents in case of reckless driving. We readied the branding, admin interface and marketing website together in record time.

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A big hit on national TV for 20 years now, we took the popular quiz show Blokken to the palm of your hand. Together with the Small Town Heroes, I designed the chart-topping companion app that allows you to play along whenever you want, wherever you are.

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Fan Arena is an exciting new player in the field of fantasy football. I worked with them on conceptualizing and designing their game in the form of a fully responsive hybrid app.

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This is just a selection of projects I worked on in the past 15+ years. Sparked your interest? Get in touch!